Dynamic Motivation Girls TeenFit


Recent statistics released show that greater than 90% of teenage girls and young women do not feel comfortable with their body, which impacts their confidence in all areas of life.  At DM, we want to make sure that every young woman has the opportunity to develop their fitness, improve their self-image, and the increased confidence that results. 

Girls TeenFIT™ is a dedicated program designed for females aged 12 – 16 years old. The program improves fitness, confidence and body image in a safe, fun and inclusive environment. All classes are designed and run by Peta, who has Cert IV fitness qualifications and 5 years experience with this class, making her the ideal trainer for teenage girls.

Classes Wednesday Night 515-615 in our private Kambah Gym 


Contact Peta 0401 433 909 to arrange complimentary consultation and first session.