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Dynamic Motivation Brand with Co Sponsor, WERKS Bike  aim to provide Junior Riders with assistance to reach the next level in their riding while providing mentoring in what it means to be a sponsored rider and how to achieve their best both on and off the bike. In 2013 the Junior Race Team had great results in the CORC XC series and had a very convincing class wins in both the Scott24 and the Mont 24. In 2014 the team competed in Enduro and XC and won the Scott 24 hour outright, the first time a Junior team has ever won a 24hr event outright.  In 2015 the riders are honing their skills further and are placing well in their XC and Enduro events.



We've been remiss in not keeping this page up to date. Updates coming very soon....

Current Team


Cosi HoffmanCosi Hofman, 18


Bikes: Carbon Giant XTC 29, 2013 Giant Glory 0, 2012 Giant Defy 2, Octane One DJ bike


About Me: I am in year 12 at Canberra Grammar School studying the IB. I began racing in 2011 when I moved to Canberra. I started with XC and DH and have since moved on to race road and ride dirt jump and a bit of park. I raced the national DH series this year coming 7th at National Champs. I also snowboard and surf.


Goals in MTB: I aim to race nationals for both DH and XC and get a podium placing in both. I want to go as far as I can and get to the highest level possible for me. Other than competition I just want to have fun with my riding and stay fit.


Likes Riding: I usually do 4-5 morning rides a week, mostly in road bunches. I also ride XC and DH whenever I can and love getting out to the dirt jumps or park for a bit of chill riding. I also love 24hr events where I can do some night riding and really push myself.




Jacob Briggs, 19

Bikes: Whyte 29C, Santa Cruz Bronson 2.0 , Trek Madone

About Me: I’ve been riding a mountain bike since the end of 2012.  I began with XC races, but have slowly started riding more gravity oriented styles.  I try to compete in as many races as possible, whilst juggling studies and work.

Goals in MTB:  Throughout the next few years, I aim to be competitive in u23 XC National Series and Expert level National Enduro Series.  I would also like to delve into the realm of competitive downhill.

Likes Riding:  I love all styles and disciplines of mountain biking, but I particularly enjoy the thrills of technical descending, through rock gardens, off-camber corners and big jumps.

JosephJoseph Simpson, 16 

I currently have four bikes. 2 of which are the Whyte M-109 xc race bike, and my Enduro weapon of choice, the Whyte G-150. 
About Me: I have been riding and racing bikes competitively for 5 years. I have been with Dynamic Motivation from the start and with Werks bikes for three years. So far I have been given so many opportunities through riding, like going to NZ, Cairns and traveling AUS. The things you need to know about me are: I love riding bikes and going where ever it takes me, and having fun keeping it rubber side down. 

Likes Riding: For the 2016 season my main focus is Enduro, the high speed, technicality and physical aspect is intense and captivating for me.  It pushes my limits and forces me to keep improving my skills. However I will always love and enjoy a good old XC smash up some hills then a quick bomb down. It uses a different set of skills and the more skills the better. 

Goals in MTB: For 2016 my goals are to have a respectable podium for the XC National series, and then build up my strength, skills and speed for next year when I am at the top of the under19’s age range, for my best shot at the Enduro Nationals title.  


Duncan LedgerDuncan Ledger, 16


Bike: Whyte 29C XC, Whyte G150 Enduro 


About Me: I am a passionate rider wanting to ride at the next level and take my racing elsewhere.


Goals in MTB: My goals are to have fun and take my racing to another level. It is also my goal to start racing outside the Canberra region.


Likes Riding: I love pushing my limits and doing big drops/ Jumps and endurance racing. My preferred choice of riding is XC but I want to try some downhill.




Jack Wheatley, 16

Specialized Carve Expert 2013

About me: I've been riding since I could walk, but I only started mountain biking about 4 years ago, and only joined Dynamic Motivation this year! Out of all the training and classes i've done, it's been this group that's been helping me along the way. I try and compete in all the races I can, cross country is my main concern at the moment, but one day I hope to get a bigger bike and try some of the more fun Enduro stuff.

Goals in MTB: I hope to podium in Sports B Men in the CORC XC races next year, and just overall improve my skill to the next level.
Likes riding: I love to do long rides on flowing trails, but I also love the occasional jump track (but not too big for my hard tail).

Lachlan_copyLachlan Wilson, 16

Bike(s): Whyte G-150, Whyte T-129, Giant Anthem

About Me: I am currently in year 11, and started Mountain biking in late 2014 with the beginner/intermediate skills course by Dynamic Motivation. In the year following that course I have completed two further advanced courses, and have started racing in as many races as my study allows.
Goals in MTB: To continue advancing at the pace I have been. Maintaining my fitness and hopefully collecting a couple of podiums along the way.

Likes Riding: Anything I haven’t done before – the first and second rides of a new track are always the greatest.

Miki_copyMikaela Briggs, 15

Bike(s): Specialized Epic Comp Carbon, Trek Domane 4.3, Specialized Stumpjumper Expert EVO
About me: I’ve been riding MTB since the beginning of 2014.  I started with the Dynamic Motivation junior program and really enjoyed their summer camps.  I am thrilled to be a brand ambassador for Dynamic Motivation and to be part of an awesome fun team.  I’ve always been a sporty person and have enjoyed many other sports such as gymnastics and swimming but I have found mountain biking the most rewarding.

Goals in MTB: my goal is to perform at the best of my ability and to have fun whilst racing.

Likes riding: I race XC but have started to race Enduro

ConnorConnor Maclachlan, 14

Bike(s): I have 2 bikes currently which are by far the best bikes I have ever ridden. They are the Whyte G150 for enduro riding and M109 for cross country riding.

About Me: I have been riding all my life but only started racing in the last two years.  Dynamic Motivation and Werks Bikes have been great to me training wise and bike wise. In the past few months I had the privilege of travelling to Cairns for the National Enduro Championships. I’m always down for a ride and a laugh.

Likes Riding: I prefer to ride Enduro or downhill however XC is good fun as well. My favourite places to ride include Barjarg, Thredbo, Cairns and Kowen.                     

Goals in MTB: My goals in MTB are to push myself to the limits and to try to let loose and just have fun while at the same time trying my absolute hardest.

Oli TildsleyOli Tildsley, 11

Unfortunately Oli and his family have moved to France but he is still riding in our team colours which means we now have an International Team :)


Bike: Whyte 401


About Me: I’m 10 years old and started Mountain biking when we moved to Canberra in January 2013. I bumped into Mic on the slopes of Stromlo Forrest Park and started in the Junior training program. Since then I’ve improved my confidence and my skills and enjoyed racing in local XC events.


Goals in MTB: To enjoy my riding, continue training to get stronger and faster and hopefully represent a national team one day.


Likes Riding: Anywhere and anything as long as I have my bike.