Dynamic Motivation offers a range of fun and challenging Mountain Biking skills programs. Our Mountain Biking Skills sessions produce guaranteed results. Whatever your age or skill level, if you want to improve your Mountain Biking experience, and have a great time while doing it, Dynamic Motivation have the right instructors and a fantastic atmosphere to deliver results. We run sessions on weekends and some weekday evenings during daylight savings in various locations around Canberra.

We Guarantee You Will Ride Better, Faster and more Confidently with training from Dynamic Motivation

Being the best Elite rider doesn’t automatically create the best Instructor. We only employ Instructors that are PMBI certified and have proven they can teach to our high standard.

We teach under the PMBI methodology which is Internationally industry proven to provide the best teaching approach to ensure you will learn quickly and safely. All our instructors teach the same thing the same way and consistently achieve the same results.

We have proven curriculums developed over many years that allow you to achieve the maximum improvements in your riding.

Our Head Instructor is one of only a handful PMBI Instructor trainers world wide ensuring you will be trained to the highest standard available.

We offer programs for both Junior and Adult riders from absolute beginners to top level elite riders in all MTB disciplines including private one on one sessions tailored to your specific requirements.

Want to improve your Fitness as well? We are the only MTB skills training facility nationally that has Personal Trainers on Staff and can package fitness, skills and seasonal training plans.

We Guarantee You will be Stronger Faster and Leaner

Dynamic Motivation is proudly supported by PUSHYS