We already provide Australia's best most comprehensive Junior MTB Programs but many people don't realise we are also we are the most experienced Adult MTB Skills Provider.


To let everyone experience the benefit of professional skills coaching, and to get more from their riding, we have decided to provide a day of Free Adult MTB Skills sessions.


That's right FREE sessions for grown ups.


What do you get?

A 1 hour group skills session that will improve your riding. No we cant make you a world cup rider in 1 hour but we can give you some great start points to make a difference to your riding.  One session only per person.


What does it cost?

Nothing, no hidden costs, its free...


When is it?

We are running these sessions on Sat 20th October out at Stromlo with Beginner, Intermediate and Womens Sessions. 



Click here to book in now as there are limited spots available...






See what some of our clients have to say


  “Thank you so much for making MTB lessons fun – it’s a great feeling not to dread what I might be expected to do next lesson!


Being one of the more nervous and less co-ordinated riders out there I really appreciated your ability and willingness to adapt your teaching style to suit. Taking everything back to the simplest elements and reconnecting the skills one step at a time has worked magic for me, I feel much more in control of my riding, more confident and heaps happier.


Thanks for your support and encouragement”


 “Great course for anyone thinking about getting into mountain biking or who has been but wants to know safer smoother ways of riding faster.”




"I wanted to ride with my kids, but wasn't feeling confident. I was surprised at how much I learned in such a short time. Im much more confident now, and my kids and I have a great time trail riding together."